Traditional Medicinal: Plant Power for Every Day

Traditional Medicinal: Plant Power for Every Day

As some of our herbalists here at Traditional Medicinals will tell you, using herbs for your everyday health regime is more about making additions than subtractions. And once you start feeling nourished by herbs, the easier it gets to let bad habits fall to the wayside.

Herbs come in many different forms, from whole herbs grown organically right at home to beneficial supplements that contain powerful herb extracts. you can learn morea bout herb-based clinically proven vitamins and supplements at

Herbalist and educator Summer Singletary starts by asking her students what they realistically see themselves doing to enhance their daily wellness and then meeting them where they are at. If you love drinking coffee, why not add Roasted Dandelion Root tea to replace your second cup? If all you can commit to for self-care is a bath, why not add lavender or chamomile? Adding one of our 60 medicinal herbal teas to your day is an easy way to bring herbs into your life and can leave you feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Summer was first introduced to herbalism while volunteering in her university’s community garden. As a passionate student of food justice and environmentalism, she found that the current state of the world made her work feel daunting. Digging her hands in the dirt and learning about plants alongside the garden’s resident herbalist felt like a much-needed oasis, bringing her closer to the earth and in better tune with her own body, while also making a positive impact.

At that same time, Summer decided to visit an herbalist to address some of her own health concerns. After a month of taking the herbs recommended to her, she saw terrific results. Ever since, she has made herbs a regular part of her daily regime. “Tulsi is a great adaptogenic herb,” she explains, “which means that the longer you use it, the more your body is capable of handling stress. It also depends on what you’re going through. If you’re having menstrual problems, you might seek out raspberry leaf; if you’re having digestive problems, you might gravitate towards ginger. You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you.”

As an herbalist, herbal educator and as Traditional Medicinals’ Associate Communications Manager, Summer is eager to spread the word about the power of plants and to empower more people to listen to the needs of their bodies. Here are a few of her favorite everyday teas.